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“Michelle Johnson beautifully bares her soul in her new book about what were the most painful and difficult years of her life and does so with a rare generosity of spirit. She tells all — the ugliness of the disease, the complexity and brokenness of the healthcare system, the inner conflicts that tore at her faith and trust in God, the slow breaking of her heart as she watched her beloved husband and best friend die. Alongside these poignant details, she offers solid guidance about everything from how to choose the right doctors and treatments to how to deal with your own — and your loved one’s — out-of-control emotions. And all of it is done while faithfully, doggedly, following the Master on His long journey to Calvary. Being a personal friend and co- worker of Michelle, I walked with her during parts of this journey and yet never knew some of the details she shares in this book. Perhaps I didn’t need to know them the way the readers who reach for this book will want to do, people who will feel in this text a kindred spirit who offers them not just consolation and empathy, but guidance, hope and, ultimately, the promise that life does indeed go on, albeit in a new and much different way. It took much courage and love of neighbor to write this book, and I pray the Lord will bless every person who has the privilege of reading it.”

Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Live Catholic Co-Founder, "Women of Grace" (TV), Living His Life Abundantly (Radio), Award winning author of The Catholic Guide to Mindfulness and 10 other books)

“This story is a life journey like no other! It is an incredible love story told through the eyes of the precious caregiver. This story creates true meaning and understanding of caregiving. I grew spiritually while reading each chapter, so much so, that I didn’t want the story to end. It is almost inevitable that we will be faced with loved ones getting sick, suffering and possibly dying. I wish I had read this story 11 years ago when I first became a caregiver. I would have approached things so differently had I known of all the graces and blessings that were all around me.”

Debbie Georgianni M.A.,
Author, Speaker, Certified Life/ Wellness Coach, and Co-host of EWTN’s "Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie"

“After having personally been a caregiver for several immediate family members who were terminally ill, I only wish I had Michelle Johnson’s book at that time to go through those difficult years of caring for them at home. Besides the physical and emotional strain put on a caregiver, it is the spiritual aspect that is most needed, as Michelle beautifully shares in this book. She gives timeless tips in all aspects of caregiving, and also helps caregivers embrace their suffering cross by walking side-by-side, not only with their loved one, but together with Jesus through the Way of the Cross. I have never seen another book quite like this. Caregivers from all walks of life can benefit from this book.”

Janet Morana
Executive Director, Priests for Life, Co- Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Author of Shockwaves and Recall Aibortion

“Whether it’s a frightening diagnosis of a loved one, or an aging parent that is slowly slipping away, the Simons of Cyrene, are carrying heavy crosses. These are burdens, however, that can and will be lightened as well as enlightened while traveling their own special Via Dolorosa alongside Jesus and the Blessed Mother. As someone who journeyed step by step with her husband during his battle with terminal illness, Michelle Johnson knows the ups, downs, twists, and turns the way of the cross may bring. Her pilgrimage provides important spiritual insights and inspirations along with some extremely practical steps that can help us understand more deeply the meaning and the value of suffering. Since no one gets out of this life unscathed, and many of us may be or could be facing similar circumstances someday, this book is a real gift.”

Teresa Tomeo
Catholic Talk Show Host of "Catholic Connection" and EWTN’s "The Catholic View for Women" and Award-winning Author and Speaker

“…This book will be enormously helpful to anyone with a sick loved one. It offers invaluable spiritual and practical advice on how to make it through what can be unbearably difficult circumstances. A real godsend.”

Anthony DeStefano
Bestselling Author of over 20 Christian books for adults and children

“In this touching and necessary book, Michelle Johnson shares personal lessons learned during her own experiences as a caregiver for her husband. This is a must read for anyone whose loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness, anyone jolted by a health crisis. Michelle Johnson reminds us that even in the maelstrom of crisis, hope, joy and God’s touch are still within reach.”

Raymond Arroyo
New York Times Bestselling Author of Mother Angelica, The Spider Who Saved Christmas, EWTN News Managing Editor, Fox News Contributor

“This is a beautiful and edifying story of deep faith and good humor, of both Stu and Michelle, in the midst of a great and long-lasting trial. It is full of funny, sad, even tear-causing stories, as well as a great deal of helpful spiritual and material advice. Worth reading.”

Colin Donovan
EWTN Vice President of Theology

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